Bad speakers, bad amplifier, or both? Marantz NR1506 + Teufel Ultrima 40 Mk2

Hey, it's the second time in my life I am trying to setup a system, mainly for music (not interested in dolby/home cinema primarily), but I feel I am doing something very wrong.

I bought a 2nd hand NR1506 in guarantee and got these speakers: . For those who dont want to open the link, its the Teufel Ultima 40 Mk2, with these specs:

longterm: 120Watt, shortterm200Watt, 4-8Ohm.

I tried them in their shop and they played quite loud and nice. (of course not with my amplifier)

So I am returning the speakers because they're a little bit damaged, but also because the sound is so low. I went to 50/100 on my Marantz volume level in order to barely hear something.

I am also thinking of reselling the Marantz and going for a simple Stereo receiver. I figure I can have something more powerful with the same budget if I don't care for 5.1. / 7.1

Can you please advise? Budget: 700/800E all together.



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Apr 24, 2013
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Send the Teufel speakers back, keep the NR1506.

Buy the best pair of active studio monitor speakers you can afford. If you can stretch the budget get the Adam A7x, failing that Yamaha HS7s, Presonus Eris 8 and Adam F7 models are all well within budget.

Huge sound, no volume issues and the NR1506 makes a very flexible streamer/dac/pre-amp.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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AV receivers and some modern amplifiers where the volume control runs from 0 up to 80 or 99 (or turns up to 0) don't work in the same way as conventional volume pot amplifiers. The latter will give out most of its output at around the half way point (around the 12 o'clock position), whereas AV receivers tend to take a long time to build up volume, so an average listening level would be around 50-60, with higher output levels being an average of 70-75, but there is much more volume above this to play with (usually up to 0 or higher). This is quite normal, particularly with more power hungry speakers. The Teufels are an average sensitivity at 87dB.

Personally I would suggest sub/sat systems to make the most of slimline AV receivers. Floorstanders ideally need someone a little more meaty as many larger speakers become a bit more demanding on the amplifier when used full range.