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Just been reading a very interesting review of the Audiolab 8200CDQ and it sounds like, as a CD player, it might be just up my street. I don't really need the analogue pre-amp facility though, so could somebody please confirm whether the 8200CD is the same but without the analogue pre??

I won't be buying anything imminently, but the CD player will be the next thing I look to and the Audiolab(s) looking very interesting.
Heard it briefly about 3 months or so ago... it's very good sounding but may need some careful partnering. Sounded great Leema/PMC speakers, not so great with Totems.

Can't answer your initial question, only had a brief dem just to see whether I liked the tonal qualities.


The designer has been talking for many months about these items on a couple of other forums. He says the 8200CDQ is a step up from the 8200CD when used only as a transport. You'll need to read the thread for the details - which of course I can't link for you!


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Jun 28, 2007
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According to the designer...

"The CDQ betters the CD in Detail, Sound stage and above all it’s Bass".

There are improvements made to the output stage and psu of the CDQ.

More details on the thread rbrierle mentioned.

the record spot

On the other hand, while I'm sure the Audiolab is very good, MP's current player with an offboard dedicated DAC would be worth looking at...the major advantage of the CDQ appears to be that it offers the Sabre chipset, which one or two DACs also do. If you're determined to go this way might be worth asking what it is you're looking for from this upgrade that's missing and - bearing in mind the buying history - what it's likely to offer in real terms over some of the gear you already have?


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