Audio Connections in Home Cinema Setup


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Aug 10, 2019
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My system is Panasonic 50PZ70B, Panasonic Home Cinema PT550EBK, Sky HD.

I need to get connections as I am mounting TV on the wall and plastering cables in to the wall. I intend to connect TV to Home Cinema by HDMI and TV to SKY by HDMI. Optical cable between SKY and Home Cinema. Coaxial from TV to SKY.

Do I need any other connections. I had thought I need audio cables from TV to Home Cinema, but believe this will be covered by optical between Home Cinema and SKY.

Is it also worth running a scart from TV for occasional Xbox use

I would like Home Cinema sound for TV not just DVD's



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Sep 6, 2007
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The Sky box doesn't have coaxial, just optical. I just checked the connections for your Panasonic and I didn't see coaxial on that either. This is the problem with the all in one systems. I think you only have one optical input. Therefore you will have to connect that to your HD box and analogue audio cables (red and whites) from your box to your plasma. This if I'm not mistaken will give you Dolby Pro Logic (ok) for dvd's and Dolby Digital (better) for Sky. If you have an Xbox, you could connect via scart but you won't get a great picture or great sound.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Sky to TV via HDMI - will give you picture, plus sound via TV speakers if/when you don't want to have the system on.

Optical digital from Sky HD to system - for surround sound when the system is on.

That's it.

Only if you want to watch TV with the sound from the TV's own tuner going through the system will you need analogue audio connections back from the TV to the system's analogue audio inputs - frankly I wouldn't bother. Use the Sky box as the TV tuner, and the TV's internal speakers if you ever want to watch TV with the system and Sky box turned off.


Thank you

System is up and running.

however I have experienced a problem having just switched from Sky+ to Sky HD.

When watching Sky after about 20mins the screen goes blank as though there is no signal. The sky box remains on. The only way to rectify this problem is to turn the Tv off and when it is turned on Sky returns.

Could this be a fault with the HDMI lead? as when I switched the HDMI lead on the DVD in place of the HDMI lead to sky the problem didn't occur.

Dreading response as leads now plastered in wall!


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