Amp Upgrade: Second-hand newer amp or look for an old classic?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'd had a Sony TA-FE370S amp for a few years, and while it does it's job it's not exactly spectacular. This is my current system:

Sony TA-FE370S amp

Sony SS-B2ED bookshelf speakers

Soundstyle Z2ii stands

Pro-Ject Debut 3 (Ortofon 2m Red upgrade on order) with Speedbox 2

I can't really stretch beyond £150 for a new amplifier, and I've been told to look at the much older NAD amps like a 3020, but I'm not really sure what's going to deliver a decent upgrade for the outlay or if I'll even hear the difference compared to the Sony (which seems a touch brittle on the top end on most sources)

I've been keeping an eye out for a Marantz 6003 at that price range due to the built-in phono stage but I'm thinking that a better deal may be had looking at older, simpler amps. However, I haven't a clue what vintage amps are reliable or repairable enough to take a gamble on.

I mainly listen to vinyl, though I do plug in my iPod occasionally if I don't have the record, as well as running a stereo analogue connection from my blu-ray player.