Amp to match B&W 704s


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all

I'm fairly new to hifi and am looking to buy my first system.

I have been told by all the cognigenti on forums and magazine reviews that the B&W 704s are very good speakers. Although they are just above my budget, I auditioned them last week and was actually quite disappointed. They were driven by Roksan Kandy amp/CD.

I can't believe that the 704s really sound as distant and with as little dynamics as I heard, so I can only conclude that the amp must have been a bad match. I'm not that much of a volume junky but even with the amp turned as high as I dare (before it started clipping) the sound was unimpressive to say the least. Should I be looking at amps with higher wattage or are there other factors which come into it?

If anyone can suggest an alternative amp (integrated or pre/power) to go with these speakers, I'd be grateful. My budget is max £1,500 (but really I want to spend only £1,000). I mainly listen to classical.

Any advice would be much appreciated. My total budget is ideally no higher than £3,000 (for CD, amp & speakers) but I'm slowly realising that I may have to pay considerably more to get what I want!

PS Also, I find that dealers only stock a very small selection of what's available. Is there an easy way to hear lots of different setups in one place?



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Jul 28, 2007
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B&W 704 will sound great with Krell, Classe (same parent company) and Higher end Rotel. Although the Audionet amp I am playing with at the moment is superb with classical music. .....................

Anyway for £3000, classical system, imo would be Musical Fidelity A3.5 amp/Cambridge Audio 840C cd player/Dali Icon 6 speakers. You should have some cash spare for the cables and few cds.


I suggest you try Primare I21 og the I30. It is joyfull to build up a good stereo,good luck


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