Amp and speakers... I thought I had it sussed out, then it changed...!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Ok, I'm due to move house in the next month and have the green light from the missus for a new 40inch HDTV (sweet
) and new amp and speakers (super sweet!

I had been lining up the Onkyo705 amp along with some nice black KEF 3005s.

Now, the dealer I had been planning on getting these from was doing a fantastic offer but now have stopped stocking the KEFs (I assume cos the 3005se are out and they can't get the price to continue the offer)

They have however, started to sell these

Having trawlled the net, I can only find the Tannoy blurb/pdf brochure but no one seems to have made any reviews as yet!

Any one got any ideas or experience with these bad boys? They are small but, so the sales wordage says, pack a mighty punch...

Thanks in advance

(Now if only I can get her to let me use a Techlink OVID 95 LCD & Plasma Stand instead of that damn wooden coffin stand from Next.... Can't win them all I guess!!)