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Dec 16, 2015
Recently I decided to change my amplification - leaving the shores of NAIM to explore other worlds.

Following the advice of a friend, i bought the Abrahamsen Audio upgraded combo of their V3.0 preamp and V4.0 poweramp. I ordered directly from the company and it cost be 10800 NOK plus shipping (about 1130 EUR, 825 GBP - again plus shipping). Shipping was from Sweden, so no custom or extra VAT for me in Germany.

Previously, I have had a NAC 32.5 with HiCap (old design, not the new DR) and a NAP 140.

The sound is now better on all parameters. At least as much PRaT than my previous set up, large and deep soundstage, not very holographic and ultra-precise (I do not care much about this, unlike other audiophiles, in a sense it is qite realistic but not *artificially* so) but wide and moderately deep with natural placement and air. Bass is really granitic, mid and highs are mellow but definitely not second citizens in the sound balance. You get the best with good XLR interconnects between pre and power amps: I am using both Sommer Cable Epilogue and VdH d103mkIII and, as expected with balanced connection, the sonic difference is much lower than with unbalanced connections (I will probaly use the Sommer Cable from the DAC to the pre). These amps have stunning detail, and they are more than capable to reveal editing flaws, so they are unforgiving to bad mastering. However, their mellowness somehow makes very old digital recordings sound acceptable (like the old John Williams/Boston Pops Orchestra recording of Star Wars music), while still remaining within the claimed (and probably true) response of ±3Db up to 70Khz. Listening fatigue is essentially absent.

And this for an incredibly low price. At their old prices (I think almost twice as much) these amps would still be a clear bargain. So if you are looking for something to upgrade your current system, or to set up a second one, and you were even considering stuff at 2-3x the price, give them a try. In the UK iqspeakers is an importer and they provide a UK warranty, and you can hear the stuff in place.

I am not affiliated in any way with Abrahamsen Audio or iqspeakers. i am just a very, very, very happy customer (during my quest for new amplification I even went to listen to much more expensive amps and I am happy to have chosen this instead).



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Jan 19, 2016
Everything I've heard about these amps has been positive and I've been tempted enough to try and order one. But it appears they are no longer shipping to the UK. I imagine this has something to do with recently partnering with a UK distributer.

To put this in perspective:

V20 UP-Integrated Amplifier

Buying directly - £584

Buying from the distributer - £899

That's quite a difference. While the amp may still be an excellent one even at £899, and it's nice to have a UK warranty, I can't help but feel disappointed that those of us in the UK no longer have the option to buy directly at a significantly cheaper price.

So perhaps more of a hot deal for our European neighbours then.

iQ Speakers

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Feb 24, 2013
Whilst I can empathise with your pain.

£584 + £79 Shipping + you wont get the exchange the exchange rate you googled when you pay by paypal method so closer to £700 in reality.

If you order on from us you will recieve next day double boxed by UPS. I will also answer your emails pretty quickly and in the unlikey event of you having trouble will look after you. And of course I helped along with Electro bring these bargins to your attention.


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