About Sony Stereo Integrated amplifiers ta -fa 1200 es


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey. I am new at the magazine what hifi and the forum. I wonder about, if there someone that now about the sony amplifier ta -fa 1200 es or have buyed it? I have buyed for a few months ago. But have not read much about it any hifi magazine. I am pleased to hear, for any experience/comments about the amplifier.


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Sep 25, 2007
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Not many reviews and comments about this amp on the internet.
I never heard this amp, so I cannot comment, but this beast looks pretty serious to me.

I get the feeling there is this common idea (misconception) about Sony that anything Sony has built after the 1990's hasn't been that good.
A similar sentiment many people have with Marantz for instance: the 1970's was the last decade Marantz made anything decent.
Is that so? I beg to differ.
And of course there are some who think Sony never did anything good in the audio segment, how can a big company like Sony make something inspiring?

So maybe this is why no one wrote about it.

I know German hifi magazines like "Audio", "Stereoplay" and "Stereo" still have high regards for Sony's latest audio efforts.
The Sony TA-FA 1200ES is categorized in 'die High-End-Klasse' - I think it is pretty obvious what is meant by 'High-End-Klasse', you don't need to speak a word German to understand...


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