5.1 speakers to match Quad 21L2s


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi I'm anew member here.

My set-up at the moment is:

LCD TV - Sony KDL40W4500
Blu-Ray - Sony BDP-S550
Amp - Onkyo TX-SR606
Front Speakers - Quad21L2
Centre & Sats - Salvaged from previous all in one system.

I'm looking for advise on replacing the Centre and Satellite speakers and also adding a sub of some description.

My 21L2s are finished in birds eye maple and I (i.e. the wife) would prefer not to change this if possible foe aesthetic reasons.

I have considered both the L2 and L-ite range to add the 21L2s but I am unsure if both the L2 and the L-ite come in the same birds eye maple finish.

Solution 1
Quad L2 Centre
Quad L2 Sats (Pair)
Quad L2 Sub

Solution 2
quad L-ite Centre
Quad L-ite Sats (Pair)
Quad L-ite Sub

I've spoken to the sales guy at the shop where I bought the Quads and he recommends the L2 for Centre & Sats system to match the 21L2s (makes sense really) but he said a B&W sub would provide more controlled bass.

Q1 - Does anyone know if the L-ites are available in Birds Eye Maple finish - they may have been discontinued in this finish.

Q2 - will the sound quality difference really be noticeable if I were to go for the smaller L-ites. I don't really want to compromise the sound quality too much for the size/cost difference.

Q3 - Does the B&W Sub (unsure what model he was referring to) really perform better - e.g. B&W ASW610. The Quad L-ite Sub gets 5stars and a good review in WHSV mag so I assume the Quad L2 sub would be of similar or better standard. how does the B&W stack against these.

The system will be set up in my lounge (which will be getting revamped over next 2 months) and is 4m x 4.8m with the LCD being cantilever stand mounted in either a corner or a 2.5m wide space next to the door. The fronts will be either side of TV and the sub to one side with the sats either wall or stand mounted depending on size and location.

Any help much appreciated.

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
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RE: Q3

I guess it depends on which B&W sub he was referring to. Try comparing the subs in a back-to-back test. That's the only way of knowing which you'll prefer.


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Jun 15, 2007
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The Quad L-ites to my knowledge are not available in Birds Eye Maple, the L-ites would be fine for the surrounds but your 21L2's would over power the centre, you could upgrade the centre to the L2 and use the remaining L-ites in a 7.1 config (excluding the centre) which is the way I went hope this helps Gary


Thanks for that guys, just been in touch with Quad directly and they have offers on at the moment, until possibly end of January.Quad L-ites not available in Birds Eye Maple.The Quad 9L2's are £250/pair (RRP), the 11L2s are currently discounted to £250/pair and the Quad L2 centre is also discounted to £250 at the moment.Only got to persuade the wife between the 9L2s or the 11L2s.Will look at BKs options for subs.Thanks a lot.



I have got the following

Front - 22L2

Centre - L Centre

Rears - 11L

They work amazingly well. I would definately go for the L2 centre to match your 21's, the lite may be a little overpowered by them. You can get the L2 centre from Superfi for £244. I bought my L centre from them. As for the rears you could save some money and go for the lites if you like as they are doing a lot less, then again the 11L2s at £250 is a bit of a bargain!

I would also look around for an L sub, WHF gave it a great review when it came out, but that would only be my personal choice. As Big Chris says, you need to compare them in a demo really.

Enjoy your Quads...


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Apr 22, 2008
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It does seem as if the newÿQuad L-ites are not available in maple. ÿThere may still be a few examples of the original model around - according to their website, Hifi suppliers have some. ÿI don't know whether this is accurate.

I wouldn't be worried about integrating different models from this range and I'm sure you'll be delighted with the result, if my experience is anything to go by. ÿI began with the L-ite package (at the bargain price last spring), but subsequently decided to add a pair of 12L2s for the front so as to create a 7.1 system. ÿA number of others have done something similar. ÿI was concerned that the L-ite centre wouldn't match, but I really think it's excellent. ÿA frequent grumble on this forum is indistinct speech from soundtracks. ÿMaybe I don't watch the same movies, but I've never had this problem. ÿAt the same time, I'm not drawn to the speaker itself by any strident, edgy tone. ÿIt seems to take everything in its stride. ÿAlthough I am tempted by the present offer on the larger L2 centre, it would be mainly a case of upgrade-itis to be honest if I went down this route! ÿ

As for the sub - I was under the impression that the Quad subs were both VERY highly regarded. ÿMine was very easy to set up and looks beautiful (if a silver monolith takes your fancy!). ÿOne thing to bear in mind is that the driver faces downwards. ÿAt some stage, I might experiment with a solid plinth as it currently fires into carpet (concrete floor, however).

Good luck with your system and I hope you are as happy as I am with your Quads (my amp is a Yamaha RX-V3800). ÿMy set-up still makes me grin stupidly with pleasure sometimes!ÿ



Hi, I have the MK1 21L's as main speakers in a 5.1 set up. I have the L centre and 11L as rears-sound overall is fantastic with movies and in stereo. My sub however is a MJ Pro 50 MKII Xeno (spiked) and with the right tweaking does punch above its weight, sounds fantastic, shakes the room if needed and compliments everything very well. No need I believe to go for a massive sub.


I've ordered the L2 Centre (£250) and a pair of 11L2s (£250) along with the B&W ASW610 sub (£390) , also the Atacama Aurora 6 stands on offer at £120, all done my local shop price matching the best deals online at the moment.