Question 2D to 3D TV 'Coverters'

Loup Garou

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Dec 28, 2019
One issue that I am sure many of us have (I certainly do) is, now that 3D seems well and truly dead, the 3D discs of the 3D+BD movie packs are defunct. At least I thought so until I read about a gizmo called 2D to 3D TV Converter. There seems to be a few on the market but the popular one seems to be this:
3D EDISON FAMILY 2D to 3D Converter TV HDMI HD 1080P & 2pcs 3D Shutter Glasses

I still have my old Panasonic DMP-BDT 130 BD player that has a 3D facility. Can I hook up the above (or any other good one) gizmo to the system so that I can get a 3D effect with my LG OLED 65" C9? I can get a special cable if necessary.

Obviously, I want to be able to switch the 3D effect on and off as necessary.

Can anyone please help/advise?


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