1st big tv but which 1.


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Aug 10, 2019
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Have just brought my 1st place an have been reading what hifi for months an months an trying to decide what tv is best for the living room.

The sofa an single chairs are just over 14ft away from the tv which is currently a panasonic 26" (about 7 years old an will live in my bedroom soon) so am thinking that a 42" would be to small an was thinking of maybe a 50".

The tv's i am ideally looking at are the Pioneer kudo's range. PDP 428XD or the PDP 508XD.

The tv will mainly be used with a Xbox 360, PS3 for blue ray, an sky.

So my question is which tv would you recommend to me the ones i have stated above or any others out there as i know the choice is massive.

Want to stand it all on the Ovid OV95 stand. Once i have the tv will look into dvd an surround sound gear.

Thanks James


So as these are both the none 1080p models i dont need to worry about losing any quality as in the reviews its stated that they both scale the images down perfectly.

Do Teck link do a bigger ovid stand? The tv is under the weight limit of 100kg for the stand so it should be ok on the stand?

Thanks for your time

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Yes, they'll be fine.

No, as far as I know Techlink don't have a larger Ovid. The TV is within the weight limit, but is physically wider than the stand, which could make it unstable.


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