Arcam Radia lineup: something missing?


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Oct 20, 2010
My current system (2010) consist of Monitor Audio RX6, Arcam A28, Sonos Connect + Arcam rDAC. The Sonos connect is 1st generation and causing more and more streaming issues. Same is true for the rDAC . Another thing is I want to connect my TV in a more easy way. My only 2nd generation Sonos One never has issues, so I think it’s a combination of aging and a lack of computing power in the Sonos Connect for optimum Spotify support.

I could buy a Bluesound Node to replace the Sonos Amp an rDAC, but now Arcam released the Radia series. So I start thinking 🤔 The Radia Amps have both optical (1) and coax (2) inputs, but no HDMI. NAD however has several options that include HDMI/Arc and usually 2 optical and 2 coax inputs.

Furthermore the Radia series don’t have units with an integrated streamer like the SA30, while NAD sometimes has the BluOS option (Bluesound) which is attractive. I never listened to recent NAD units, but on paper NAD seams attractive.

My opinion is that the Arcam lineup is missing some integration options. Also the ST5 streamer has no further digital inputs which makes it unattractive to combine with older Amps not having digital inputs for a TV, Blu-ray (used as CD). And off course I don’t want more accessories to connect things like a TV or blu-ray. Blu-ray players rarely have analog outputs these days.
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