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The Dark Knight - Live (Hans Zimmer & J. Newton Howard)

Energy Follows Thought

Actions Express Priorities

He Is Able Who Thinks He Is Able

All Humans Die, But Few Have Lived

Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing

It’s Not What You Are Underneath It’s What You Do That Defines You

Pain And Ecstasy Come Hand In Hand

How Will You Use Your Gifts? What Choices Will You Make?

Will You Follow Dogma Or Will You Be Original?

When It’s Tough Will You Give Up Or Will You Be Relentless?

Will You Guard Your Heart Or Will You Act When You Fall In Love?



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Dec 23, 2013
I am asked almost daily as to what music I listen to. Although my tastes vary and despite all the music that in on everyday however what I do like to look out for daily is a song/track that has particularly grabbed my attention. So, as this is a Bank holiday weekend a Chill out track to start with -
Sub Sub - Past
Thanks Rick @ Musicraft


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