Yet another Marantz M-CR603 speakers question...


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Aug 10, 2019
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...with a twist:

i've got the marantz m-cr603 + dali zensor 1 combo that's been well recommended here and by whf. and i really like the detail + musicality of this combo.

but... if i were to upgrade speakers, what would be a sensible/logical next step up?

is it possible to retain the same 'character' (an intangible, i know) as my current combo but get a bit more detail and bit more musicality/fun-to-listen-to quality from a speaker upgrade? just exploring...

lots of rock and electronic in my cds. tiny listening area at 2.5m x 5m. speakers will need to go deep into the corners with only 4 inches or so clearance to the rear and side walls. also, am in a condo so moderate listening levels are the order here if i'm not to be evicted. can consider pairs up to around the £400 ~ £500 mark.

i know there's no substitute for a good audition, but great if i've got a shortlist to start auditioning with.

the m-cr603 is staying though - so whatever speakers suggested will need to go well with it. and i know the m/a bx2 is another often-recommended pair for the m-cr603. but i just think it's a bit too big (350mm high) for my area - don't want to stray too far away from the zensor 1's size.

any suggestions much appreciated! thanks in advance... (i don't get to post much in here but do enjoy reading the questionst raised and opinions given..)


Thanks for the suggestions, John Duncan and moon!

Now off to see who stocks these....


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