Worst plot description of all time...


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SPOILERS!!!! (you won't be missing anything though)

Just watched 'The Assasins Blade'. Wasn't a bad movie as such, it was just supprising as it was completely different to the description on the box. Hollie and I have been buying up all the cheap martial arts movies at fopp, some are great, some arn't. This one was £3, and was ok. The plot discription is as follows:

"A spectacular tale of betrayal and revenge featuring some of the most stunning martial arts fighting ever seen on film. Based upon an age old legend, The Assassin's Blade tells the story of a girl, Yan Gi who disguised as a boy, enters the country's greatest all-male martial arts academy. Struggling with the physical strength of her male counterparts Yan Gi finds an ally in the school's top student, Chan Shan, who discovers and tutors her to become one of the most lethal assassins in the academy.

The pair eventually fall in love but the girl is betrothed to a childhood friend Ma, who embarks on a violent plan of blackmail to ensure that she becomes his wife. When Ma's treachery is revealed, Chun Shan has no choice but to use all that he's learned from the academy to exact justice."

First of, there are no assasins at the academy. Yan Gi at no point became good at martial arts, the film never even implied it.

There wasn't really any assasins either. The one guy who did do anything 'assasiny' only did so as a plan b when his initial evidence planting idea failed.

The martial arts scenes were light years behind pretty much every Donnie Yen movie ever made, so the "most stunning" comment was a pretty big lie.

The big thing however, is the fact that this was a love story with martial arts in it, not a martial arts story with love in it. Everywhere else in the world the film was marketed under the title 'the butterfly lovers' and had a significantly softer cover. Very poorly marketed in this country.

Rant over :)

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Jul 9, 2007
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If you like martial arts movies and you haven't seen them already, try and track down the Tony Jaa movies Warrior King and Ong Bak.

The plots and scripting are so ludicrous as to make you laugh out loud, which for me actually added an extra dimension of enjoyment, especially in Warrior King, where they obviously made a conscious effort to take it upmarket. But the martial arts and the stunts are absolutely amazing.