Wireless Connection to the AV Receiver for Movies


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Oct 27, 2021
Hi there. I need your valuable support. Thanks in advance who spends time and efforts on my query.

I have Apple TV 4K, Samsung 7500 UHD, Yamaha Receiver RX-V777 and 2 tower speakers.

Unfortunately the TV and Receiver are unable to be placed in the same location next to each other, but they are in the same room. Can I connect them wirelessly? I am planning to connect Apple TV directly to my TV so visual part will be sorted out. TV will be on mute if and when I can use my Receiver for the sound.

Since my Received has Airplay, I assumed to obtain sound from Apple TV wirelessly however I lately understood that Apple TV's wireless signal is not only music hence my Receiver is unable to get it.

Searched streaming options but could not sort out sending the sound to my receiver wirelessly. Can you please help me to solve this issue with or without my Receiver in a less costly way? If possible, I would like to continue using my Receiver.


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