Question Yamaha RX-V596rds Av Receiver vsNAD T742 Av Surround Sound Receiver


Jun 30, 2021
Hi guys!

I would like to know if someone can help me on something.

Around 2000 or so i bought an Home Theater System that actually i am only using the AV Receiver, the front speakers, the subwoofer, a CD Player and more often a turntable. I also use a lot the PC that is linked to here music and watch some movies.

AV Receiver - Yamaha RX-V596rds
Front speakers - Monitor Audio Bronze (version 1 i think)
Subwoffer - Mirage FRX-S8
Turntable - Planar 1

A friend of mine offered me her also vintage AV Receiver, a NAD T742.

Hearing the brand NAD, i guessed that the AV Receiver would be much better than my Yamaha, but after looking around on the web, i am having big doubts.

Considering my use, mostly music, and the rest of my actual kit what AV receiver do you think i should use? Does anyone knows this vintage gears, so you can to give me an opinion?
I know that if i keep to use the NAD i have to buy a phono pre/amp, because it doesn-t have phono in.

She gave me also the rest of her surround kit (four Elac o5 Sat, the ELAC central and the subwoofer - Elac sub 05 esp). i think that my Monitor Audio speakers are much better. I think that my subwoofer is also better *not quite sure about that). i know that when i bought it, i looked and choosed very carefully what to choose to do he best buy for the budget... but maybe the NAD is from an higher budget and performs better...

I have both in my living room, and i have heard both AV receivers with my speakers and subwoofer.... But it is very hard to compare. After changing the wires from one to the other... they both sound great. Specially because after fine tuning the subwoffer (i have to increase it with the NAD) to have the same bass depth and involvement).

I attached the specs of both (NAD is only 50W x 5 ways and Yamaha 100W x 5 ways, but i also find some comments that this 50w from NAD compare with much more...?)

Please be my guest and share your considerations...

Thank you a lot!

Best regards and keep safe!


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