Which Speaker Package?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking to purchase an AV system (Sony STRDA1200 ES has been picked out so far) which will be used for my PS3, Sky HD and playing music through.

What speaker package would best suite this receiver?

Wants are: Quality Sound, small size, least amount of wires

Dont wants are: Individual speaker purchases, out of proportion quality with receiver and huge floor standers

Any help appreciated!


hi there i have just purchased the same reciever and i have a bit of a mixed bag of speakers but it sounds amazing ....

i have a set of mordaunt short 920i on offer at richer sounds £99 sound superb there my fronts

i have a tannoy sub £100 from richer sounds

i have mordaunt short 304c centre speaker around £70

set of tangent evo's for my rear and sides they are around £70 quid a set

and it really is superb for cheap money really

the amp is fantastic quality you wont be dissapointed £249 from richer sounds

regards Lee


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