Question What's your dream system?

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Al ears

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My current systems are on par with what I consider my favorite (I don't have hi-fi dreams)

Wharfedale Evo 4.2
Yamaha wxa50 amp
B&W asw608 sub

Wharfedale Denton 85th anniversary edition
Arylic a50+
Polk psw10 sub
(Configured Dsp with Acp workbench)

For the far future I am considering replacing the Evo 4.2 with the Elysian 2 (basically the Evo 4.2 with a larger volume cabinet) but still don't know. Also a model of Leak audio amp probably suits more in optical design but I think my current amps are more versatile on paper.
That's a shame as this is what this thread is about....


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Mar 20, 2021
There's a seasonal and stuff for a quid aisle in my local Morrisons and they have Christmas stuff from the last week in August.

It's sat next to the Halloween and Bonfire night junk.

All the seasons at the same time.

They will have Easter eggs on Boxing Day.
Useless bit of information for you;

Easter Eggs are normally bought by the wholesale buyers in August, then produced by the manufacturers during early autumn before being shipped to stores in December ready to go on the shelves once Christmas is over, hence being able to buy a Cream Egg on Boxing Day.

How do I know this, well Mrs Oxfordian was one of those wholesale buyers.


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Feb 18, 2022
My dream now is for the most musical enjoyment I can get from the most compact system possible. At one time I would have said my dream system would be QUAD, but having owned Artera Play+/Artera Stereo and having used them with QUAD S2s but also more expensive speakers, I can safely say that dream didn't play out as expected. It was just a big lump of expensive equipment that I didn't find at all musically involving.

I think I'd look towards the NAD M10 with GoldenEar BRX speakers, but I would have to feel flush to justify the purchase.


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