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What WiFi requirements should look for?


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Nov 29, 2007
First off I am back the kit is out and I am ready to rock.

but I need to WiFi from an extender to the Media PC as I can’t run cable.

so I currently have a WiFi extender with a Lan connection which goes to a giga speed network box. To this are wired the NAS and a pc. Then there is a media PC on the other side of the room.
and currently when steaming movies from the NAS I get some buffering.
i believe it is WiFi parts I am using Not transferring enough data.

soi am wondering what rate you guys are using?


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Feb 15, 2009
It may help those with more Wi-fi knowledge than me if you detailed your modem/router and any switches you use, along with makes of NAS etc.
Has this problem just occurred? If so, it’s possible you’ve unwittingly introduced a new source of noise, like a Dect phone, mobile charger or LED lamp.
Most Wi-fi is quite capable of streaming an HD movie, but maybe a NAS containing your copy uses more data than the proprietary brands like iPlayer or Netflix who may use clever compression.
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Nov 15, 2019
I'd measure the signal strength and speed in various parts of the room, especially at the PC end. You can get apps for your phone, which will help. I'd remove anything you think might be interfering and measure again. I'd be surprised that the signal drops a lot in a room, with no obstructions. Is anything else contending for bandwidth when it buffers?

It could also depend on what is doing transcoding and whether it can keep up with demand.