Guidance Reqd for Home Wifi/Bluetooth Speaker Pleas


Jun 11, 2023
Hi All,

New member here...

I have recently moved into a new flat and looking at getting a speaker for playing Spotify(current sub) or possibly upgrade to Amazon Music HD for the higher quality. I have zero knowledge in this area, but speaking to friends I was told there is no real point in upgrading to Amazone HD as I would be limited due to streaming via Bluetooth to portable soundcore Bluetooth speaker.

This had me thinking that maybe I should get a better Wifi/Bluetooth speaker like the Amazon Studio, Sonos Era 100 or Sonos Roam ,or a Bose speaker.

Is it true that if I stick to a Bluetooth speaker an HD service is pointless as I am limited?

What are peoples thoughts on a good speaker for streaming in the house

Any guidance would be appreciated