Total newbie - Been looking/researching, but not listening - B&W DM302 speakers and Denon PMA-225 UK Amp??


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Aug 2, 2020
Newbie here. So I've started getting in to my music again just as lockdown happens. I have a garage full of old CDs (very eclectic - but like my dance mixes of the mid 90s) , but had nothing to play them on - aside from a crappy PC and attached speakers. And in the current situation I'm facing a rather desolate situation of having time on my hands but very little money to spend. I have been looking at reviews and scouring ebay/sales sites for the last couple of months. I've gone an bought B&W DM302 speakers and seperately a Denon PMA-225 UK Amp for little more than £70. To my ears it sounds very good, but I've had little to compare with anything in recent years. I can't really afford new stuff at the moment.

But given what I've paid it seems I could quite easily sell one or both items and get something else (better?) without losing anything. Any thoughts on my set up? Part of me is a) Should I have got something else and if so what, and part of me is b) seeking validation that I did good in this instance. Basically should I rest easy that I've done well and enjoy the music or have I messed up and should I "upgrade" knowing I could probably trade-in and have another £100 to spend without a net impact on my pocket. I guess its the usual problem of not knowing what you don't know plus very few reference points for me (newbie and lockdown being a double whammy).

Thanks all.

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It’s a fine setup! As they say the grass is always greener. Don’t get sucked down the hifi rabbit hole. If I where you just enjoy it and listen to your music. Maybe the speakers/amp might need some servicing at sometime at which point you may be forced to get something newer. But in the mean time enjoy!



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