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Mar 8, 2024
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Good morning, in fact good Friday morning!
I do like Fridays. I'm Malc and MalcQV is a forum name I widely use and is here and there on internet search forums.
A little about me.

I am systems administrator at a semiconductor company in the UK but head office is in the US. That said my background is mechanical engineering and I know very little about semi-conductors. I believe the company I work did once produce analogue devices for UK audio manufactures. Alas no longer.

I am a big petrolhead and the username will verify that.

So Hi-Fi. A bit like I was with cars. From a young age (school) I had a very budget hi-fi which I loved. A few actually with names like Alba, BSR, Amstrad, Optonica, Ferguson , Sharp and Wien in the later 70's from pocket money and birthday present stuff. Last item was a JVC receiver which I have re-purchased. I am having a nostalgia trip :-D

Then I left school and was married by 22 and my hi-fi changed a little but now it had to aesthetic to fit in with the house. Along with my enthusiasm for car my hi-fi interest went into the background and because owning and running a house took all my time with work. Eventually ending up with a Denon Midi system and Wharfedale speakers IIRC.

Music tastes a very varied and eclectic. Prog Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, some Jazz, some R&B and the odd classical though I will add Jazz and Classical I just listen and never actually sure who's symphony it might be or who the Jazz band is! I even listen to the odd rapper (my Fiancée's fault). The R&B is from her too.

I divorced over the car obsession and now have moderately budget system in my lounge.
NAD 6040
Majority streamer
Mission MXS's

However this year I am doing a light loft conversion and have bought much audio equipment. All sorts and mostly second-hand but there are some 10-13 amplifiers, similar Cassette decks and tuners a couple of receivers and a few turntables (oddly called record players now). Cambridge 651a , NAD (310, 3020i, 3030) Sansui A40, Philco Ford (harks back to my youth) , Rotel (820a, 714, 712 Technics, Sony, JVC, Optonica. Currently a Pro-ject E1 turntable (new), Rega Planar 1 (new,). Pro-ject RPM 3.1 (needs a new tonearm which I have to fit), Thorens 180, Optonica 7100 and 5100 (I had the latter as one of my early hi-fi components back in the 70's - later 80's

The list goes on. I intend to pick out several I like of each and sell the rest. Tannoy, Mordaunt Short, Mission, Celestion Solavox (back to my youth) Rogers LS4's.

considering a Dual 506 and Cyrus one or two amplifier and then stopping buying stuff 🙃
I've very recently re-subscribed to What Hi-Fi.