Surround Sound System - Help needed on options


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Aug 10, 2019
Up until a few years ago I had an Acoustic Energy P5 system until it gave up the ghost. I'm still left with the cables which I think have a single banana clip at each end.

I've tried to fill the void with the Yamaha sound bar but I'm disappointed and want to return to the true sound.

My dilemma is that the rear speaker cables run under the carpet and there is no way I'm changing these. What I want is a budget micro system (max £350) - can be an all in one or speakers/receiver - but from the research I've done I'm not sure if I can find speakers (or receiver?) that will take a single banana clip connection.

Can anybody advise an absolute novice on what my options are and what kit is available.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry but I might sound a bit basic with my knowledge.

Right, i've had a look at the wire. It's QED Qontour Ultra Flat Speaker Cable. It has a black plug at each end which I can unscrew and it reveals 2 separate gold wires. Presumably I can take the clip thing off and this will enable me to fit the exposed wire into speakers and an amplifier. Would I be able to connect this to something like the Pioneer HTP071. At the moment it would only be used for TV and Blu Ray player, ,maybe in a few years for a gaming appliance.



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