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As I’m sure you know better than most a good projector screen is almost as important as a good projector, however it seems to be an area where there are very little reviews. That goes for WHF and also many other sites too.

Projector Screen reviews would be an awesome addition and plug a big hole. They could be included in the projector category or even have a category of their own.

Just a thought.

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Good idea. The only thing I can think of is there much of a market for projectors these days? Native 4K projectors can at least £5000 of which you will definitely need a screen for but like I say how many people can afford or spend money like that? The 1080p/fake 4K projectors some people will/can just use a wall too.

8K OLED TVs don’t get reviewed because they cost so much and there is no market for them. I do think it’s a good idea though but I think there are hundreds of different quality screens. In our local John Lewis they have one of the new Samsung projector and screen for it. It looks so dim compared to OLED TVs though during daylight which also limits projectors further.
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