stuck on speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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just about to take the plunge and spend some cash.

looking at :

1. sony 40w2000 lcd full hd dvd recorder ,upscaling . cant remember the model number , think its the ---860

3 sony str1200es amplifier

4. ps3 for blue ray

but im stuck with choice on speakers

listened to kef1005 , 2005 and the sony save835ed and suprised to say the sony sounded the best , dont know if its because each satalite has 2 mid-range to the kef's 1. but i dont like the fact sony are still using spring clamp wire connections.saying that they seemed to fill the room with awesome clarity and ambiance. looking for some that can handle music to a decent level too

what else is there out around £700 preferably not box style speakers??

are the kef 3005 any better??

help apprieciated as im itching to blow some cash


Try looking at the following, also a what fi-fi awards winner

Q-Acoustics 1010 5-1 speaker package. Price at superfi. £429.

I have just bought the same av receiver as you and I'm going for the 1050 floor standing speakers instead of the book shelves


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