Wireless speakers or bridging?


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Oct 17, 2008
Hi, I have a SONY STRDN1050 AV amp and KEF KHT2005 5.1 speakers which are wired to my amp, I've had this config for about 20 years and it works well. I'm thinking of moving house and wondering whether for aesthetic reasons I could lose the wired connections and was wondering what my options are?

1) In order to have a 5.1 style system with wireless speakers would I have to replace both amp and speakers?
2) Is there some 'bridging' technology which allows wireless connection from wired amp to wired speakers
3) Are many people opting for the soundbar + subwoofer approach to vastly simplify their setup? I assume this sacrifices sound quality and direction for wireless flexibility?

Thanks in advance...
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I've had this config for about 20 years and it works well.
Well don't risk it not working so well David, on aesthetic grounds - 'wireless' rear speakers still require mains.

It's very easy (especially if you start with an empty room, maybe even raising floorboards) to make cross- room wiring invisible. Thin trunking above skirting board goes unnoticed.
Even if it meant making up new, longer cables, so be it.

Stick with what you know works well - would be my advice 👍
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