Newbie asking for fair price guidance for Pro-Ject 1 Xpression/AT VM530 pair


Jan 8, 2023
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Hi folks, newbie Andy here.
Hope you can offer some good advice please.

At the back end of last year I bought the Pro-Ject Debut Pro to replace my 2005 model Pro-Ject 1 Xpression (£190).
I'm now hoping to recoup some cash from the sale of the Xpression 1 - I upgraded the cart to an Audio Technica VM530 last year (£160), and plan to sell as a pair.

My brother-in-law is potentially interested, but has neither amp or speakers currently. My questions are thus: what's a fair price for the turntable and cart, and, what amp and speakers would partner these well? In my system, I have a Trio KA2000 with Mission 760i SEs and wouldn't know where to start on this topic.

Finally, I'm enjoying the new Debut Pro and the Pick it Pro cart, but at some point will look to upgrade - any suggestions welcome.
Many thanks in advance.
Welcome to the forum.
Have a look on eBay to see what your turntable and cartridge have actually sold for in the past would be my suggestion.
I would suggest something like half the original price of the turntable and three quarters the original price of the cartridge.
Your brother in law needs to audition some speakers that will work well in his room as partnering with a turntable has nothing to do with it.
He will need an amp with built in phono stage of course.


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