Still no right answer to Hi Fi satisfactory sound

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Mar 22, 2016
Wow, your posts are literally getting more bizarre by the day.
I just kinda diverted - that's it. Maybe I shouldn't. Right. Anyway I feel free to express here whatever I want in terms of audio - if that does not offend anyone. So I do not really care if that is bizzare or not. I presume your posts are 100% normal , right ?
Kind of proves my point about affordability and quality Monkey. That's what my son pays because he is a member of the apple cult.
Are you sure that isn't total contract cost? If so it includes buying the thing over a two or three years. I am not a fan of Apple, but that would make it a bit more palatable.

ME: I want to buy an Astin-Martin.

Of course a new Toyota Supra is the better choice. RIght?

What, pray tell, is an Astin Martin? I have heard of Aston Martin and I have heard of Astin Trew. And the Supra - no, I isn't. More bang per buck yes, but better? Nope. ;)
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The thing with Hi Fi is - you buy a system costing 5k only to hear than another one costing 2k sounds as good as yours.
But if you’ve spent some time choosing the right system for you, that shouldn’t be the case. The only ways I see for this scenario to exist is to either build it blind based on price, or to buy a below average/poor £5k system and then hear a well chosen £2K system.

And then it’s down to what criteria “sounds as good” entails. The fact you’ll be hearing this cheaper system in a completely different environment will play a large part in how you perceive it, and if it is a different environment, it’s worth taking a little time to study that environment and see how it differs from yours - it could give you some ideas about changes you can make in your room to improve things, and maybe get your system sounding more like the cheaper one - if that’s really what you want.

It could just be that you’re hearing something “different”. I like different speakers for different reasons, and I’d sometimes take these cheaper options over more expensive ones just because they are different and produce a certain desired characteristic that I like. And this is responsible for some of the loudspeaker brand choices I make for the business - if someone comes to me saying they’re looking for a specific sound, or something that brings out the snare drum or some obscure request, I can say, “I have just the thing for you”, rather than having loads of brands that do things in exactly the same, conventional way and just differ in tonal balance.
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