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Dec 4, 2022
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Hey guys,

Considering the angles necessary for atmos speakers to perform well, I find that in ceilings won't cut it (the few that can do those angles are too expensive). I'm now considering speakers with brackets that allow me to mount them on an articulated stand, attached to the ceiling. Anyone knows of a pair of good sounding speakers (300eur a pair) that come with brackets? (preferable brands that also sell in Europe - Monitor Audio, JBL, Kef, B&W, Bose, Q Acoustics, Elac, Wharfedale, Klipsch, Polk Audio, ...)

Is this for an AV system? I know very little about Atmos, but I thought the requisite speakers had to conform to some standard or another.

However, since you’ve asked in the Hifi, there are very few designs that come with brackets. But that’s because most folk still put them on stands, in bookcases or on the once-again-trendy sideboard. I know Q Acoustics sell brackets for their 3010i and 3020i models, for example. And Dali do a more universal model.

Both these should be available in Europe, as will several more of those you list. It just so happens I know the two I mention offer wall fixings.


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