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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello I mainly listen to my headphone amp, but put together an older system, Rotel RCD 855, Rotel RA 971mk2 and newly aquired Mordaunt shorts MS20i pearls.................now I was wondering if it was worth gettingsome more modern style enclosures made for the speakers ? like the ones that are like a bow of a boat, the mordaunts boxes are not very deep and at can sound a little boxy now and then...........by the way they are constructed it looked like you would have to destroy the enclosures to get the front and bass speakers out ( basses fixed from inside ?)


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Jun 2, 2008
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Please do this.

It will make my (mint) pair a little rarer and a little more valuable when I eventually get around to selling them.


As for 'boxy'... huh? They were excellent on the end of my previous (Naim) system when I last heard them. Very taut and not boxy or boomy at all.


compared to more expensive speakers i've owned,...... they are.........but not very often :)


I've got a pair of MS90i's lying about, They're just slightly more expensive MS20i's that were meant for markets abroad, afaik.

I keep meaning to sell them, but I got them for a fiver, by far the best fiver I've ever spent! Im keeping them incase anyone ever wants to buy my ProAcs, it means I'll have speakers whilst I wait for the upgrades to come.

I've considered sanding them flat though and doing a piano gloss finish, or perhaps get them veneered in birds eye maple, but I jets paying umpteen times more for the finish, than I did for the speakers!

They don't sound boxy to me, but there is a certain frequency range around the crossover point, where it just doesnt make much noise... Definetly a gap between the drivers in that sense. Still sound damn good for the size of them though.


Well i decided to mod them a bit to free up the bass ( in my opinion they should be front ported as there is something missing in the sound to me)..........so i took the fronts off the cabinets, halfed the amont of wadding, pulled out the lower rubber bungs for the grill pegs and drilled a hole right through those recesses and through the chip board front mount. (that chip board front mount reduces the depth of the cabinets futher,and it's already very shallow)............so now i have a less stiffled sound with some of the nice bass nuances coming through those little holes, a more complete picture and reversable too ( just stick the peg bungs back in the holes if you don't like the sound) put wadding back etc............think i'll try and find a damaged pair to see if i can squeese a proper front port in some how and block up the back (or leave it!)


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