Speaker Dilemma. Help anyone?


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Oct 2, 2008
Greetings all. Hope you're all having a good easter.

I'm looking to upgrade/replace my Mission 780's and I'm listing a few for auditioning shortlist. So far on the 'list' are:-

Tannoy Revolution sig DC4, Atc scm7, Dynaudio 2/6, Dali Ikon 1, Avi neutron 5 and maybe trying the Eb Acoustics EB1 under their no quibble home trial deal. The only considerations to take into account are that the speakers must be happy close to a rear wall. 10-12cm to be exact. Have already demo'ed the B&W 685's not really impressed.

My current system comprises of Creek Evolution 2 amp (Highly recommended), Exposure 2010s cd player, Chord company crimson interconnects and carnival siverscreen speaker cable. My musical taste is very wide and varied. From Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to Florence and the Machine to The Avett Brothers and Classical.

Cheers all you great people.

P.S I have heard that Epos go very well with Creek but how are Epos when close to wall since they are rear ported?



I've got a pair of Epos Epic 2, currently sitting 20cm away from rear wall, but the manufacturer's recommendation is minimum 10cm so you should be OK. The bass is definitely punchy, very nice, not boomy.

As it happens I did hear a pair of Epic 5 - the floorstanders, since the shop didn't have the 2's in at the time - on the end of the Evo II just last week during an amp demo. I ended up going for the Audiolab 8200A but the decision was marginal. The Creek/Epos combo sounded very good indeed.

FWIW when I demo'd the Epos I also listened to the 685. I don't know what it was about the 685 you didn't like but for me the Epos were much better, especially in the area of clear, detailed mid-range and accurate depiction of instruments. But they also rock when required.


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May 7, 2010
Hi tifosi

The Epos speakers should gel well with the Creek.
Someone on the forum had problems with the Epos close to the wall here-

All the speakers you list are rear ported except for the Tannoys. You can get the DC6 cheaper than the 4 at Superfi if that helps, never tried them. I would try for front ported if I was in your position or speaker like the sealed box loading EB2 maybe. Could be worth trying the KEF Q300 or 100 or similar as these are front ported. Hope that helps. By the way the Mk1 version of the Dali are front ported but the Mk2 are not. If you are into rock and pop I would go for a cabinet with a larger volume.


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Oct 2, 2008
Thanks people.

I'll add the Kef's to the shortlist. I think I should point out that the Mission's I have are rear ported, but I have never had any problem with bass boom. Wondering if any of the ones on my list will be as well behaved or was I just lucky with the Missions?



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