Sony W6 vs W9


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Nov 19, 2007
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Set on buying either a 42" W6 or 40" W9. I discounted the W8 series as reviews made it seem poor value for money in comparison.

I've seen both sets side by side in a store, showing typical daytime broadcast (i.e news, soaps etc) in HD and I was basically unable to tell any significant difference in picture quality. But the staff were unable to provide the range of different inputs I'd like to have tested. Specifically we'll still be watching a lot of SD content and playing a lot of games so upscaling and motion processing are very important.

Does anyone have any experience of how these two sets stack up in terms of upscaling and motion? I was particularly alarmed at claims I've seen elsewhere that the W6 series doesn't really have the motionflow technology listed in the specifications.

We're not bothered by 3D, but are there any other features the W9 has that make it worth an additional £600 over the W6? Especially things I may not have picked up under the listed viewing conditions - daytime HD content in store?




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I quite liked the W8 when I saw it. I thought the out of the box colours on the W9 were a bit bombastic, whereas the W8 seemed more faithful. Not had a serious play though so cant comment further than that.


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Jan 8, 2009
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I had W653 and returned it because it didn't have motionflow and it was a 200hz screen and it did not improve motion at all! So i payed extra and got myself a W905 and after some callibrating at home W905 is miles ahead of W6 series! I watched Fantastic 4 on blu ray with both tvs and in comparison Michael Chiklis bold head looked like it was made out of wax on W6 and looked much more natural on W9 plus W9 has some smart LED dimming tech which makes black areas realy dark and W6 had some backlight bleeding and there wasnt much i could do to reduce it. Hope this helps.


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Sep 29, 2013
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I went from the W8 to the W9 and between the two sets the differents stands out for sure i will give you my info on the differents between both sets. First of i would say if you have enough in your budget i point you towards the W9 from the get go.

I could see a massive differents in W8 motionflow 400 HZ to the W9 800HZ and the W6 motion is only 200HZ.

The big selling point i have to mention is the triluminos display only comes with W9 the colours burst to life in HD/Blu ray content.

For me Active 3D on W9 beats the passive on W8 and the W6 has no 3D content.

Both W6 and W8 have bass reflex speakers but W9 speakers are long duct. i think sound wise W9 is far better than my old W8.

The one thing the W6 does have the same as both W8 & W9 is the x-reality pro and the upscaling Sony does beats any other brand hands down. :grin: