Small front speakers similar to PMC DB1i?


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Feb 8, 2008
I currently have a 3.1 setup with 3 B&W M1's at the front and a PV1 sub.

I did have a 5.1 setup with more M1's but stupidly sold them thinking I would be happy with 3.1, I'm not!

So I started off thinking about getting a pair of Boston Acoustics Soundware XS SE but then its now spiralled out of control and fancy something more musical for the front and maybe use my M1's for the rear.

I did find 5 DALI MOTIF FAZON at a very good price and considered these as well.

But a while back I lusted after some PMC DB1i and that lust has returned but they are expensive and my wife hates the colours.

So any other options?

B&W CM1 and the Centre to match?

The one thing about the PMC I like is the wall bracket, sounds silly but I like integrated solutions.

My current Amp is an Arcam Solo Movie 5.1 but will be replaced with a £500-£1000 from Pioneer possibly the LX55.

I mainly stream music with a Sonos zone at Lossless.

Movies via Sony PS3 but I may add a Pioneer Blu Ray to match the LX55.

Thanks in advance.


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Feb 8, 2008
She likes glossy finishes and defo not wood.

I could possibly get away with Black DB1i.

She liked the DALI I mentioned.

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Shame, my DB1is look lovely in walnut :)

The Fazon look very nice, certainly. But if you want gloss black and you want more traditional standmounters or smaller, then I'd be looking at (in order of price)...

Wharfedale DX1

Dali Zensor (1 + Vokal)

B&W CM series

I'd recommend AVI Neutron Vs but there's no matching centre.


i would also consider

monitor audio RX2 gloss black

dynaudio x12 also available in gloss black

or bite the bullet and get the pmc db1i's

all amazing speakers..


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Feb 8, 2008
Ok so 2nd time I write this as, believe it or not, the iPad2 Safari browser crashed!

So I have had a measure and my dreams of DB1i are probably just that if they were not so deep all would be good.

I have found a really good deal on a Pioneer VSX921 with the Boston Acoustics Soundware 5.1 XS SE.

Now the plan is to use 4 of the BA's for surround in which I think they will be more than adequate but the wife has seen them and has asked me to try them at the front as well.

I will be very interested to see how they compare to the M1's I have.

Also today I have had contact about the new B&W M1 which is available from January in Matt White or Matt Black with the grill being longer, I suspect to cover the old rubber, and upgraded components.

I am getting a really good deal on the package so if I don't like the BA's I can sell them on and make a bit!

Ill keep my PV1 no matter what but again the wife has asked me to try the sub! I don't think!


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