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Dec 4, 2022
Hi All,

Years ago...I had a set of Sennheiser 414's. This would have been around 1980 and they cost me £14.99. I loved the open sound and the light fit on my ears. I have not used headphones for serious listening for a long time now but my sons both have the Sony W1000XM4. I find the Sony too bassy...and I find the same with other similar headphones I have tested. Is this because my 60-yr old years naturally lose hi frequency sensitivity or is it because modern headphones are generally more bassy ?

Interested in any recommendations for 414-style sound...or a good audiologist :)


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It’s not you, and I also had the original HD414 from the early 1970s. Yours may have been the later black plastic with yellow cushions version?

Headphones have become increasingly bass oriented, with a few exceptions. I believe it’s what the yoof want, and as they buy more headphones than underwear that’s what the manufacturer turn out!

Try some Grado, starting from about £79, for an on-ear sound a bit like the old Sennheiser. Unfortunately I’ve not heard any regular Sennheisers recently, but other threads and reviews praise them. I’ve no idea how they’ve changed, however.

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Aug 31, 2023
Hi, I recently bought Denon headphones, and slowly realised that I have a hearing defect.
Its not frequency related (thank goodness). But it's like the balance is tipped over to the right, at the 1 o'clock position. Age does matter, And I did not notice this when listening to my speakers. I love my Denons, and desperately want to replace the speakers. When funds allow.
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