Headphones recommendation to watch series/anime on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

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Mar 1, 2024
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Hello everyone, just an update to let you all know I received the MDR7506 on Wednesday, been trying them out these past 2 days, and I love them! Thanks for all the help everyone, I'm really happy with these! My only gripes with them are that they do leak quite a bit of sound when the volume is high (over 50%), and that the cable is a bit too long for having my iPod in my pocket comfortably, but apart from that, they really are wonderful.

Thank you again so much to the whole community, I greatly appreciate your help and I am overall very happy with your recommendation :)
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...the cable is a bit too long for having my iPod in my pocket comfortably
That's the only (potential) downside of having a fixed cable.

Once out of warranty you could shorten the cable and use an extension when you needed it longer - though the coiled cable might make that less practical than with a straight one.

Depends how easy it is to get inside the earcup - but it looks like the design would lend itself well to being modified with a mini-XLR or 3.5mm socket in the cable entry position.
That would allow a choice of swappable cable lengths.
(And, as part of such a mod, you could easily be left with a genuinely balanced use option - for the future).

Meantime, enjoy it as it is 👍
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