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Sansui 820v vs Denon D-M40DAB


New member
Sep 17, 2016

I am very new to this website and to hifi quality in general. I currently own a Sansui micro 820 v and I am thinking of buying a new micro hifi system. The Denon DM40DAB is supposed to be a really good one in that budget category. However, I would like to know how MUCH better this will be compared to the Sansui that I have now which I think still has a very clear and nice sound, even though some of the functionality is not great. I can't find any decent review of the Sansui 820v. Anyone who has an idea how they compare? The most important thing for me is the audio quality, not so much all the extra possibilities that the Denon, obviously being much more recent, has to offer.



New member
Aug 24, 2013
It's nearly impossible to respond to this question accurately. Those little Sansui where sold in very few amount, and the fact that you always use it now, is just a testimony for the superior quality of this gear.

You will probably not have too many sound quality differences between the two. But I'm talking out my bottom in this matter. The sansui probably had a special care on the components used, it was a speciality of this builder. But it will not say that the Denon hadn't. Globally, the speakers are ridiculously tiny for pushing great amount of airs through your listening room. And well pushed air is, in the end, good sound.

But one thing in your questionning is to analyse. Your Sansui will need a service, sooner or later. And the Denon has new technologies onboard, even if he never will be as reliable and as clear than your sansui (today's gear in the compact sector is not meant to hold more than 3 years).

As you see. Impossible to respond accurately.

I would try to go on the next level. Sansui amplifier or receiver of the middle segment, into sansui speakers, both used but mint.