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Sammy PVR a dud compaired to BT vision Humax?


New member
Oct 16, 2009
Hi All, I had been researching the new samsung TVs and PVRs for a while but as my old TV went kaput last weekend I jumped in and got a samsung TV and the STB-7900.

The TV is pretty good but I was surprised that the STB-7900 didn't have youview as I had been looking at the freesat version which had their own timeshifting EPG.

While this is not a deal breaker, there are a couple of issues that are, if they cant be sorted.

1. You cant schedule 2 recordings if they conflict? I bought this to replace a 6 year old £100 goodmans PVR and that allows 2 recordings if your not watching.

2. I share internet with the guy next door (no I'm not stealing, he is aware I piggyback and isnt bothered) but it isnt strong enough to run iplayer. It "stutters" through. Although old programmes without the ridiculous BBC music tracks run fine (!?). I can use iplayer on my laptop with a small amount of buffering particularly if I set it to favour video over audio. . If I need to get my own internet then BT vision with the Humax is a no brainer. Anyway of boosting the reception?

Thanks for your consideration.



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