Replacing a twenty year old Sugden amplifier connected to thirty year old B&O speakers!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am finally venturing into an upgrade of hifi and video pleasure and was wondering if the following combination would work, and work well.

I already have a Sony DVD recorder (RDR-HXD860) and wish to add an Onkyo TX-SR605 wired up to a Tannoy Mercury F1 theatre speaker system. I know this will work - it says so in the mag. As the Sony also plays CDs I get a hifi system with no further expense. Will this be a good hifi system?

If I then purchase a Rega Apollo CD player to get better CD hifi can I replace the two front Tannoys with something that would still be in harmony with the remaining surround sound system and give me a really nice CD stereo sound. If so what front speakers should I buy?

Assuming it will give me a leap in CD performance I can also afford the Rocksan Kandy L.lll but how would I wire this into the system?

My room size is 6m. square.


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Aug 24, 2007
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Do you need a full surround system, or just have the DVD player wired up through a very good pair of front speakers?

I have this, and whilst it's not full surround, it sounds pretty damn good compared to the TV.

This will allow you to spend much more on the CD/amp/speakers than a mix and match.

I personally wouldn't get a Sony/Onkyo/Tannoy system as hifi is more important to me than surround, so feel free to ignore me if the AV element is more important to you.


Thank you JoelSim.
I think we would like a surround system (especially with a woofer). I have to share my house with the family!
If Onkyo and Tannoy do not, together, make a good hifi system for much the same budget (£1,200) and bearing in mind I already have the Sony, have you any suggestions of approach?
My problem with the speakers is that a surround system has 5.1 speakers and a separate hifi system requiring two more makes my lounge become a navigational and cabling nightmare.


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