Recommendations for DAB Tuner and Internet Radio


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Feb 11, 2012
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Hi all,

I am looking for a good quality DAB tuner (ideally hifi separates size) and something basic to experiment with internet radio to integrate into my traditional hifi systems. I already have 2 excellent FM tuners in my systems so don't need the FM functionality.

With recent events, I've started listening more and more in the car to stations like LBC News, Times Radio and Radio 5 on DAB. My traditional home hifi systems both include strong tuners so I'd like to add a DAB source to my systems so that I can listen through hifi speakers rather than through a portable radio or Freeview.

Internet in my area is extremely poor (average 15-20 download speed and much lower in peak hours such that the computer is hard to use) so I don't want to focus too much on the internet radio side of things but I do like the idea of access to so many stations. So maybe something more budget-end that I can upgrade if ever this area does get a strong broadband.

Both my systems are traditional (Amp, Turntable, Tuner, Cassette, CD/DAC/ipod dock) with speaker cable running through conduits (under-floor and in-wall)to 3 rooms (one system) and 2 rooms (the other system) as I have 1970s Sansui amps with 3 and 2 speaker outputs respectively.

Any suggestions on what might be a good fit?

Many thanks


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.... don't need the FM functionality.
Not sure you can get a DAB tuner that doesn't include FM.
You could probably do worse than the Rotel from these few:
As for something basic for internet radio, maybe just experiment with a laptop until your broadband improves enough to make a dedicated streamer worthwhile.
A Raspberry Pi might be worth considering - they can stream radio (and play any of your own stored music).

Best not to pay a lot for a DAB tuner unless you can feed it with DAB roof aerial.
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Nov 27, 2008
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See if you can get a 5g broadband connection, I have just switched to 3's 5g broadband, I get anywhere between 75Mbs and 120Mbs, enough to stream 4k TV and plenty of other things.

I am listening to BBC 6music at the moment, using this PC, got Chromecast putting some nice photos on my TV as well as my kids doing things too.

Internet radio is generally higher resolution than DAB, go straight for Roon, either build your own NUC or buy a Nucleus. Control from iPhone, or Android, as well as PC/MAC, is possible.

Having said that Cambridge Audio does some lovely DAB/FM units.