Pure Evoke -3 stuck at waiting for upgrade message.


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Feb 22, 2013
Hi Folks,

Can you help me please (and hopefully anyone else) in identifying what your Evoke -3 is looking for on the USB interface when it is in the “waiting for upgrade” message?

So here’s the thing, my Pure Evoke -3 has just started asking for a software upgrade that so many of us are suffering and is stuck in this loop despite "press any key to cancel". The Radio powers up OK but appears to have got stuck in this “waiting for upgrade” state.

The obvious fix would seem to be to help the radio with it’s request and perform a f/w update – I have never updated the f/w in the Radio’s history so would assume an upgrade could be performed (as opposed to reinstalling the same version again, which it might complain about)

So I downloaded the latest set of files from Pure’s web site (version 1.8.exe) but the radio simply doesn’t get past the push any button to continue prompt. I believe this is because the Windows USB drivers are not the correct ones for the particular early version of PURE Evoke-3 currently ‘booted’ by the radio.

Say wot?

Taking a closer look …

The 1.8 driver .exe file can be expanded using winrar (or equivalent) into a number of files that you can pop into a temporary directory, to point Windows at when installing the drivers. It will also help in determining what is going on! BTW I have tried this on a number of Windows systems and it is the same on all – so it’s not the PC! (For this I am using Win XP)

1.8.exe has the following files: dvpack.exe,details.txt,Evoke3_1_8.dfu,flashwin.exe,imgwdm.sys,license.txt,setup.cfg,usb0.bmp,usb1.bmp,usb2.bmp,usb3.bmp,usbdfu.dll,


If you open the file usbdfu.inf in Notebook you will see at the very bottom under String Definitions the USB driver is created by Imagination Technologies and for the USB interface they have a Vendor ID (VID) of 149. (Indeed if you Google this you will find doco to support this Vendor ID).

Now the Product Id (PID) for the particular USB driver is known as 0112 and is described by Pure as a "Evoke-3". You will also see that at the top of the file the variable [DeviceList] is set up with these values.

I downloaded a copy of a USB diagnostics tool that will show a trace of what conversation takes place when you plug a USB device into your PC, an extract as below:

INFO: Device MaxPacketSize0 : 20

INFO: VendorID : 149a

INFO: Device ProductID : 012a

INFO: Device BCD : 100

INFO: ENGLISH_US language string descriptor is : PURE Digital

INFO: ENGLISH_US language string descriptor is : PURE EVOKE-3

INFO: ENGLISH_US language string descriptor is : ABCD

Hold on … :? the radio describes itself as Product ID 012A and yet on the downloaded 1.8 drivers as PID 0112. So I believe the radio is sat there waiting for a different driver to communicate to it. :wall:

You don’t need the USB tools to do this and can easily see this yourselves on Win XP.

Can anyone please try the following … :pray:

Connect the radio to the PC

Win XP should detect it on the USB port and want to install the drivers

Cancel this and Win XP bubble will pop up declaring a problem occurred (again dismiss this message).

Click Start and right click My Computer then select Properties.

On the Hardware Tab select Device Manager.

Scroll down and the radio should be initially picked up under Other Devices (with Yellow question mark)

It will be called a “PURE Evoke-3”. Right click this and select properties.

On the Details Tab and (if not already there) on the drop down menu select the Field Device Instance ID.

Here it shows my My Evoke-3 radio as VID_149A and PID of 012A.

Notice too that Win XP sees something called a “PURE Evoke-3” and yet the drivers within 1.8exe are called "Evoke-3".

Can anyone kindly please tell me if their radio is seen by WinXP as a PID as 012A or a PID 0112?

My theory is the Evoke-3 on early f/w looks for a different driver than is currently supplied on the latest drivers and why it just sits there waiting to be updated. (so you cannot jump from 1.0 to 1.8 )

So another BIG ask is if anyone has the early version of drivers, say 1.1 or 1.2, that might have a PID of 012A (Easy to see just by looking at the usbdfu.inf in Notebook) :pray:

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I asked PURE support this and they said the radio must have a hardware fault…. :wall: Personally I think the PURE repair agents are simply flashing the Evoke-3 with an earlier version of f/w that changes the PID from 012A to 0112 so as to then be able to flash it a second time with the 1.8 version…..easy money!

I don’t believe it’s a h/w fault but a simple issue around the version upgrade path. Happy to be proven wrong….even happier to get my radio working again as the sound quality on these is excellent.


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Jun 25, 2013

I had this problem one time before , somehow the radio started working again.

Today the same happened, so I just connected the Evoke 3 with a computer, downloaded Evoke-3_V1_8V_2.0 from the PURE web site and ran it.

This installed a new SW, in the process the PURE display showed an ERROR message but in the end it runs again.


Hope that helps


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Oct 7, 2013
hello Rob

I have had a similar issue with my Evoke-3. The first sign of a problem was that if I adjusted the volume the other functions were frozen - the only thing that could be changed was the volume. The only way to switch the radio off was to disconnect the power.
Now I can't even get that far. If I turn the power on I get the Energy Saving Options (Yes / No) and no other functions are available. I can scroll between Yes and No, but nothing else.
However I found thta if I hold the Menu button in as I turn the power on I get the Waiting For Software Upgrade page.
I downloaded Evoke-3_V1_8V_2.0.exe from the Pure support site and ran the installation procedure.
This seemed to run ok on the laptop but the message at the end of the process on the radio itself just showed the Software Upgrade page with ERROR in the middle of the screen.
I looked through the Device properties and although i didn't have a Field Device Instance ID option in the drop down menu, under the Hardware IDs option this was displayed:


did you manage to solve your issue?

I'm missing my 6music fix at the weekends! I just hope i can get this fixed before the cricket starts next month...



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Oct 7, 2013
my wife had the genius idea of trying the remote control to see if that would bring the radio back to life.

And it worked!

All menu options have returned, all buttons and knobs on the radio itself now work, and it turns off and on just how it should.


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