old speakers + bluetooth + wifi = multi speaker surround sound maybe?

Jul 29, 2016
i want to remove the reciever completely, the only thing it might get used for is generic over the air FM/AM radio stations, which is rare. everything else is through windows 10 desktop computer.
i want to remove all the guts / eletronics / cross overs from all cabnits / speakers. and replace with a bluetooth and/or wifi with amp on each driver. to point of possibly splitting up each driver, if a cabnet/box has 2 or more drivers, on its own seperate bluetooth/wifi/amp. goal is to use some 110v a/c to 5v or 10v usb wall chargers. with some usb cables between each driver and wall outlet, and send everything else over wifi or bluetooh for the sound. i am not looking for big party as loud as you can make the speakers, but multi smaller speakers, spread out around the room. so a little titling of the head, or turning of head and surround sound effect is not cancled out. and removal of the 1" to 2" in diameter wire bundle going around the room currently for all the speakers. it is not very pretty going under a couple doors, and over another door, and it sticks out no matter what around the edge of the room. the reciever is big chunk of realestate vs the LCD tv above it as well. =============boxes/cabnits and drivers inside them.
(2) cabnits = 10" +3" + 1.75" = sony speakers

(1) sub unknown size, has in/out crossover, and tied to above 2 sony speakers

(2) cabnits = 10" + 3" = 30 plus year old speakers, that are still kicking.

(2) satellites = 3.5" = KLH brand

(1) center = 3.5" + 3.5" = KLH brand

(8) satellites - from a cyber acoustics 2.1 cheap speaker page, 2 wattchs/ch x 2 @ 4 ohm -10% THD (3.5mm jack on them) (each 3.5mm jack goes to 2 speakers), i destoryed 2 of them some were along the way.

(5) suberwoofers - 5 watts @ 4 ohm - 10% THD (3.5mm in/out jacks) = from cheap cyber acoustics 2.1 speaker pakage.

(2) 6x9 car speakers = jenson 160 watts (2 drivers)

(2) mtx terminator car/truck behind seat speakers = 6" + not sure what to call it? horn? rectangle shape with 1" center in it

(1) subwoofer = unknown size = from a old 2.1 cheap computer speaker package.


pioneer VSX-D811S reciever = 100 watt per channel 7.1

windows 10 desktop computer, with onboard 7.1 surround sound chip on motherboard.


current setup....

computer (4) 3.5mm jacks to RCA connecter cables. to RCA splitter, to dvd 7.1 by pass on rear of reciever (reciever never proccess anything)

reciever = center = 2 jensen 6x9 car speakers hooked in parrallel together for center speaker

reciever = 2 fronts (10" +3" + 1.75" = sony speakers) with the (sub unknown size, has in/out crossover) between reciever and sony speakers

reciever = 2 side surround sounds = (satellites = 3.5" = KLH brand)

reciever = 2 surround sound back = (mtx terminator car/truck behind seat speakers)

reciever = sub = 1 cyber accustic powered subwoofer, to... ( suberwoofers - 5 watts @ 4 ohm - 10% THD )

rca splitter = left surround sound side = cyber acoustics 2.1 speaker pakage.

rca splitter = right surround sound side = cyber acoustics 2.1 speaker pakage.

rca splitter = left surround sound back = cyber acoustics 2.1 speaker pakage.

rca splitter = right surround sound back = cyber acoustics 2.1 speaker pakage.

reciever = B set of speakers, only works when stero signle type is used = (2) cabnits = 10" + 3" = 30 plus year old speakers


some links that got me going on this idea.

usb to bluetooth reciever = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx4mHS9M1z0 = crack open and solder in some wires to get around the 3.5 mm jack. might work for the cyber acoustics 2 watt speakers. on ebay i think like 2 bucks. there is a wifi version for like 4 or 5 bucks. not sure if it supports dnla like audio or if that would even help.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCktIiVbY6I = some cheap ebay audio boards. like 10 of them for 8 bucks. plus bluetooth board i think around 1 to 2 bucks on ebay. i want to say 5watt, or 10 watt the audio boards are.

https://www.hackster.io/11798/c-h-i-p-play-speakers-7cebb9?ref=tag&ref_id=wifi&offset=7 + http://docs.getchip.com/chip.html#usb-audio = possibly have surround sound with multi bluetooth speakers?



google searching for bluetooth surround sound software (have not dug into specifics yet)




ebay links for diy sound boards / amps.















Jul 29, 2016
bluetooth looks to be out. due to limited device pairing within the spec's itself. *frowns*


wifi wireless and/or cat 5 network cable = next best thing it would seem. but no software out there to deal with issues.

if you goto youtube, or some other video / music website, generally, you get a "buffer" before video starts playing, and buffer hopefully continues to fill up as video / music continues to play, and if buffer empties, video/music stops till enough data is downloaded to begin playing.

what i am seeing in most situations is "live" as in video is pushed ASAP to TV, and audio is pushed ASAP to speakers. and some ugly attempts of sending a "time sync" throughout devices so they all sync up. as a result jittering complaints come up.

other words looking like, each wifi amp connected to each driver. will need a memory buffer, and constantly be downloading audio from source. then a time sync sent out. so audio is adjusted. though guessing simple tcp/ip udp/tcp/http style of protocals. and dealing with ping times will not be enough, but needing to grab a time sync, on the output of the hardware itself just after it decodes so much of the audio stream. so actual decoding of the file can be taken into account.


i am seeing most audio limited to 7.1 channels in code itself and hard coded from 7.1 down to mono speaker channels.

there is down mixing and upmixing put into above, but not much more than that. there is some format changes of type of audio format being pushed out as well.


vitual audio cable almost has it, but it is more geared towards recording from multi sources to a single output, vs single source to multipule outputs (multipule speakers)

mac os 10.x and above, i noticed something like virtual audio cable already built into it.

the ugly expensive wireless 2.4ghz and/or 5ghz transmitter and reciever for audio and/or video. *meh* never have liked. and each transmitter / reciever generally comes in pairs and only supports stereo (2 channels) and not allowing for extra recievers to be added.


a software speaker driver for windows / mac / andriod / ios might be a better solution. due to most software applications and games allow you to choose what type of sound output you want. (7.1 through multipule 3.5mm jacks, to coxial, to optical, to hdmi, to secondary sound card outputs). the question becomes, creating a wifi speaker and bluetooth speakers as recongizable devices within windows. and then software speaker driver software, taking input from applications/games and outputting individual channels to individual wifi speaker and/or individual bluetooth speaker.

the issue above is video sync, and not having that video sync within the software application and/or game. resulting in audio playing before and more likely after it should have already played.


multi cast = one source to many recievers. exampe AM/FM radio broadcasting stations. 1 source many listeners at real live time. there is some network protocals already out there. i have yet to dig into. but doubtful they will work at initial glance at some of the protocals. in that all the audio channels would be broadcasted to all speakers and left up to each wifi speaker to determind what channel it should play. to much extra cpu proccessing power would be needed at each speaker for this. due to each speaker needing to decode and translate all the channels, and then finally determind if it should be play something. vs each speaker recieving just the audio channel it should be playing.


it is more looking like, a raspberry pi, ardunio, c.h.i.p, vortex, or like mini diy computer with RJ-45 jacks, built in wifi, built in bluetoth, 2 or more usb ports, and a power supply input, will be needed at bare min, so enough memory (ram), and proccessing power is there, but also different ways to power the device plus speaker amplifer. and different ways to connect wirelessly and wired to a speaker.

once above is there, then more likely to see wireless surround sound speakers, that only need a power cord going to them. and until then *ughs* looks like my wire bundles are there to stay :/

time to go hunting for some diy mini computers. and hopefully some easy cheap add on speaker amplifiers ready to buy for the mini computers.


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Mar 17, 2013
Thats a very confusing and long thread, i didn't bother reading it, as many also might not want to

Make a new thread, try to make it alot shorter and get to the point alot faster

Also try not to make so many links and make them so you can click on them


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Feb 22, 2010
gasolin said:
Thats a very confusing and long thread, i didn't bother reading it, as many also might not want to

Make a new thread, try to make it alot shorter and get to the point alot faster

Also try not to make so many links and make them so you can click on them

in other words


My perspective


but who was separate channels? Doesn't seem like proper surround to me, just an arse first way to place speakers all around your listening position. Seems like a monumental effort where the only possible gain is having to wire it up differently. Not sure what happens without the crossovers. Use every driver as if it's a full range driver?

or are you trying to recreate the in-car experience in your living room?

unless I needed surround for cinema, I'd invest the time/effort/money into a decent 2 channel setup. It's called stereo for a reason...


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Jul 20, 2012

What you suggest is commercially available from firms like Sonos. Wifi audio distribution to multiple speakers using timestamp techniques to maintain sync. Sonos also use DSP crossover / one amp per driver so the speakers are fully active.

With enough time and skill you could replicate this, but why bother? The effort would be enormous.


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