PS5 outputting to DAC using Sound Blaster Z Optical Input - Bypass pc card DAC processing ?


Jan 5, 2023
I have a PS5 I want to connect into my Schiit DAC. Plus, I want to be able to play music while gaming (Mix the Audio). Question, does this RARE (for sound cards) optical INPUT connector on the Sound Blaster Z bypass DAC Processing in the card itself ? Basically I would like signal to stay digital until it reaches my Schiit Dac, otherwise there is no point in buying the card

Here is what I want to accomplish:

TV Optical Out > Sound Blaster Z Optical Input > PC USB > Schiit DAC.

Question being - in-between Optical Input and PC USB, does signal STAY digital...or does it go Digital into SB Card, the converted to Analog Processing, then back to digital to output to the PC USB

YES, I am aware that I can just Plug TV Optical Out strait into Schiit DAC..But I Want to listen DAC Music and mix in Playstation 5 game I don't want to have to keep switching input on my DAC from Optical to USB when I want to listen to Music and Playing PS5

and YES - I am aware that connection mentioned above (TV Optical Out > Sound Blaster Z Optical Input > PC USB > Schiit DAC.) DOES audibly work..this is more of a question of maintaining digital quality, and not have signal degraded by essentially having signal converted to analog twice in the chain

Any thoughts ?
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