problems with my home cinema set up!


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Aug 10, 2019

please excuse my lack of technical knowledge but i could do with some help with my home cinema setup...

i have a lg 47lf65 lcd tv, a set of tannoy fx5.1 speakers, a ps3, a regular sky plus box and a samsung r610 av receiver.

the sky box is connected to the tv by monster scart lead, and the ps3 is connected to the tv by monster hdmi cable. the tv is connected to the av receiver by an optical cable.

when watching sky if i set the av receiver to "PLII" the voices become so faint that they cant be made out, while the background becomes very loud. the only way i can hear the voices is to set the av receiver to "matrix" (whatever that means), and i lose effects from the rear speakers.

exactly the same happens when im watching dvd's through the ps3 except that i need to really turn the volume up loud to be able to hear anything at all!

am i doing something stupid? is something faulty? is it a settings things or a set up issue? when i had a very cheap "all in one" surround sound system it worked fine through the same tv, sky and ps3 so i dont think any of them are faulty.

please help!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Sounds like something inside the TV is doing some kind of phase inversion or other signal processing, so the digital audio coming out of the TV is fooling the Pro-Logic processing. Does this happen in Pro-Logic II Music mode as well as the standard PLII?

It may be the TV's internal surround processing clashing with that in the receiver - IIRC this set has both Dolby and Surround Max processing, so make sure these are turned off, and every sound option on the TV is set to stereo.

The best bet would be to connect both the Sky box and the PS3 directly to the Samsung receiver using optical digital cables, though for this you'd also need an optical switcher as there's only one optical digital input on the receiver. Maplin, among other places, sell these for £10-15.

You could also then use the optical connection from the TV to the receiver for any time you want to watch TV from the telly's internal tuner, rather than the Sky box, through the system. If you only ever watch TV via Sky, or your happy not to use the system when using the TV's internal tuner, skip this step.

That's about all I can think of - hope somewhere in there there's something of assistance.



thanks for the reply. i have changed the tv's audio setting from surround max to standard. it also has the option for "digital audio out" to be set to either "dolby digital" or "pcm", but trying both of these seems to make no difference.

the only PLII option that lets me hear voices is "matrix"

i dont have an arial for regular tv so dont need to worry about that.

do you think an optical switcher could be the best option then or anything else you can thnk of at all?!

your help is much appreciated!


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