Excuse my ignorance


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Feb 2, 2023
I have a Samsung UE49RU8000 and I connect it to my AV receiver through optical (my receiver is to old to have HDMI arc).

Any way due to my wife's heating problems I experimented recently and connected a Qacoustics QM4 soundbar to the TV's optical out.
Connected to the soundbar the TV's speakers were automatically shut off, ( something that doesn't happen when the receiver is connected) and the TV remote, controls the volume on the soundbar, it actually controls it better than the soundbars own remote ( with its own remote the volume increases in quit big steps rather than gradual increments, the one thing whathifi had against the soundbar when they reviewed it a few years ago)
Here is where my ignorance comes in. When using the TV remote to control the soundbar volume it displays "Marantz optical" on the TV screen.

I know companies share components etc and working in electrical goods retail I also know that quite a lot of different makes of TV and domestic appliances are nothing more than a different name on the exact same product but that one - Marantz optical - surprised me.


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