Problem with ROTEL A 11 Tribute

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Will be interesting to see what others find.
Maybe it needs a thread of its own because it's a very important topic.

The relevant test is no music with the volume control at your normal listening position.
(Turntable users should be on the phono input of course).
If you hear any hiss, it's part of your music - no inky black backgrounds for you.

If nothing else, that scenario would make a mockery of swapping cables.
Agreed, there's a need for a thread based on hissing and any unnatural noises, as it seems to be fairly common. First I read on here was with Rega amps and tables years ago.
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Feb 8, 2023
Hello, everyone

Please comment this problem with A11 tribute.
When increasing/decreasing the volume at each step of is heard (ts, ts, ts, ts)
One more problem - when switched on and volume position other than 0 (1-95), the speakers produce a very quiet hiss sound.
Is there anyone with identical amplifier?
That's how we'll know if the problem is with my device.

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Please just state nature of issue.

Thanks in advance
Certain brands seem too repeat this poor build quality !


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Mar 16, 2023
Audiolab 6000A I tried had low level hum. Fmj A29 I just said goodbye to had very low level buzz. Don't know if these things are just "characteristics" of some the designs and we're supposed to be able to live with them. Denon pma 800ne on the other hand, silent as the tomb! :)
My AudioLab 6000a has zero hiss or hum from the speakers. However, toroidal coils transformers can hum when there is a DC offset on the mains, my first 6000a could be heard from 5 m away at its worst, the replacement sometimes has a hum audible close up, which is normal.


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With no signal, volume full up on Cyrus XR-i7.
Internal DAC / analogue line input:
Nothing, even with ear right up to speaker.

Phono (with inputs shorted):
Predictably, there was hiss and slight lower frequency noise - but only with ear up to drivers - and, after all, the volume control was full up 😳

Very slight mechanical mains transformer hum at point blank range - killed on standby.

Overall, at least as good as I expected.
Although I was pleasantly surprised to hear no noise at all with non- phono selections at full level.


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