ProAc D18 and Hegel H100 upgrade.


Dec 29, 2020
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Hi All, i currently have a setup of ProAc d18s hooked into Hegel 100 integ amp w/t an external Hegel DAC. I mostly stream TIDAL in Jazz and Classics with occasional Rock music. I am very happy with my combo however i feel lack of of punch in the lower end especially for orchestral works and rock without creating bass overload in my 40m2 listening room. I want a bit of tighter,more dynamic bass extension which is well integrated to other freq,s. I am looking to upgrade D18s with DT8s or alternatively looking for SonusFaber venereS or Nova 2. My question here is whether d18 to dt8 upgrade would achieve this or do i need to look higher models..? Any comparison would be appreciated proac vs sonus hee...On the amp side i may be looking for a direct upgrade to hegel H390 however i am curious whether adding an Hegel H20 power amp and use my H100 as a preamp would be a viable option as it cost less. Thx


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