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  1. K

    Speaker Cable for Hegel H190 and Amphion Argon 1

    Hi was wondering if anyone has suggestions for what speaker cables to use with a Hegel h190 amp with amphion argon 1 speakers? Currently using QED XT44 cables from my old system. Was wondering whether they should be upgraded though? Was looking at audioquest rocket 22 or chord shawline x. Not...
  2. D

    Hegel H200 issues with volume levels

    Hi Members, Just registered for the forum after being a passive viewer for months. Now I have an issue with an amp I figured I'd get myself sorted and register. So - a bit about me: I've been into hifi for around 45 years starting out with a Garrard SP25 MkIII vinyl spinner with Goldring...
  3. H

    ProAc D18 and Hegel H100 upgrade.

    Hi All, i currently have a setup of ProAc d18s hooked into Hegel 100 integ amp w/t an external Hegel DAC. I mostly stream TIDAL in Jazz and Classics with occasional Rock music. I am very happy with my combo however i feel lack of of punch in the lower end especially for orchestral works and rock...
  4. Shillocks

    Hegel or Cambridge audio

    Hi all I'm after some opinions from more experienced ears. I have been looking to upgrade my current entry level setup. I'm quite keen on getting a streamer/amp and have done a fair bit of research. I have been looking at the Hegel H95 and wondered which would be the better option compared to...
  5. Pokey

    Best upgrade path from a Bluesound Powernode 2i

    Hey guys, I could need some help. Last year, I did buy B&W 805 D3's after listening to them for almost two full afternoons at a great Hi-Fi-Dealer in Glasgow. I also wanted an integrated amp, but the only one they had in stock was an Auralic Polaris. While it did sound fine, I just couldn't...