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  1. S

    New speakers? Which?

    Hi all, I have a Cambridge Evo 150 with two Dali Opticon 2 MK1 speakers. The Evo needs an update, it has more power to give. So I've talked to my wife and see know there is an upgrade needed ;-) My budget is max €1250. I 'm thinking about the Kef r3 (Not Meta). Do you guys have any suggestions?
  2. O

    Open back + speakers

    Hey, I have been into audiophile activities for about three years now, and bought a pair of sennheiser HD600s. About a week ago I had the "great" idea to purchase an audio splitter, so I could hear the speakers and headphones running at the same time. Turns out, it is the most open soundstage I...
  3. A

    Question Help with the design of a Bluetooth Speaker

    Hello, about a week ago I got the idea to build a bluetooth speaker. But I have a minor problem: I found a project on the internet where someone took inspiration from a bust for the design of the speaker. Now it's just that I want to have my own design, which is also based on a decorative...
  4. Z

    Speaker for heavy music

    What should I look for in a speaker if my main genre is rock and metal?
  5. S

    Speaker rated at 8ohm but voltage selector only have 16 ohm direct.

    hi everyone, I am very new to the hifi scene and I am trying to reconfigure my speakers in my restaurant. I found out that the speakers are 8 ohms and bought the power amps (QSC GXD4) accordingly… however, when I turn the speaker around, I found options I can select for 100v line etc but...
  6. IntermediateWater

    Question Connecting Active Subwoofer to Musical Fidelity M8Xi

    Hi everyone, As you can tell, still bit of an audio noob here. I'm currently upgrading to my 'endgame' setup which may be entry level to some, but to me is quite up there. Anyways I digress. I'm currently upgrading to a pair of JBL HDI3800 as my speakers and pairing it up with the Musical...
  7. S

    Turbosound Impact 65T

    i just took over an old bar unit and all their speakers fitted were turbosound impact 65t. As I am on a tight budget, I would like to reuse the speakers… however, I find it odd that this speakers have got 6 wires. Can anyone shed some
  8. D

    Speakers do I upgrade

    Hello all so looking for views and opinion my current turntable set up - project recordmaster turntable with Ruark MR1 MK2s connected. These are desktop Bluetooth speakers I originally bought to support a wall mounted LCD. We've since moved and the turntable is now in a separate room. I’m...
  9. P

    Amp advice for vintage Tannoy speaker

    Hello, I recently acquired these vintage speakers from my grandparents. I think they were made custom but they look similar to the other vintage models I see online. They are 18 inch Tannoys. Does anyone have any advice on which amp to get for these?? Something not too expensive as I don’t have...
  10. A

    Question Need some suggestion for my turntable set

    Hi there, I am planning get a new turntable set. The turntable would be Pro-Ject DC EVO. The phono preamp would be Pro-Ject Phono box DC or MM, if needed. I am thinking about B&W 607 as speakers. Need suggestion for amp or receiver? The budget is better below $500. PS: expecting new not...
  11. Ollie

    Question Amp suggestions for Pioneer PLX-500 and Denon tape deck

    Hi folks, I'm using the Pioneer PLX-500 turntable with Pioneer DM-40 speakers, and today picked up an inexpensive Denon DRM-500 tape deck. The speakers are powered and include a 3.5mm and RCA inputs so I can directly connect the turntable and tape deck to them simultaneously, however I'm stuck...
  12. M

    Bi wire cable for my JPW AP2's

    Hello, I have an old Rotel 950 amp with JPW-AP2 speakers (don't laugh, they actually sound good even though they are old) I have some old bi wire cable that needs replacing (not long enough) and was wondering if you could point me to a decent cable that has all 4 wires contained within one...
  13. AVDude

    News Pioneer releases a new, decently priced loudspeaker The VM 80

    8" main driver, good frequency response across the range. Specs are comparable to the Adam audio units i like that are priced much higher. 289 USD per speaker.
  14. S

    Is my amplifier (Yamaha CRX-N470D) good enought for the upgrade of speakers to Elac Debug B5.2?

    Hello to everyone! I would like to ask you for some help with a decision about a speaker upgrade. Currently I have the Yamaha MCR-N470D network hifi system. It consist of a central unit (Yamaha CRX-N470D) and speakers, which came in set (Yamaha NS-BP150). I am not completely satisfied with the...
  15. F

    db limit to protect my speakers

    Hello friends, My amplifier, the YAMAHA R-N303D, has a watt/channel rating of around 140 hz, my speakers, the Dali Spektor 2 have a rating of around 100 hz, Should I use the max DB limiter on my amplifier so I can preserve my speakers? Another advantage is that I dont need to worry about my...
  16. L

    Kef LS50 original (ex-demo) vs. LS50 Meta (new)

    I've found a local shop which sells both LS50's (Meta and original version), but with the original version in an ex-demo pair for half the price of the new LS50 Meta . The guys told me, despite the marketing buzz, the difference in sound quality is not that significant, and becomes more...
  17. A

    is there any headphones that gives speaker like experience ?

    I was looking for a headphone that gives a speaker like experience, a surround sound feel. Is there any product like that in $100 to $200 range ?
  18. Sidelock

    B&W 607 amp recommendation

    I need some recommendations for a solid amp/receiver to go with Bowers and Wilkins 607 speakers. Bluetooth is necessary and I’m not keen to go beyond £400. Please let me know your thoughts.
  19. angelmf2704

    Home Cinema Receiver and Speakers

    Hello, I would like to create my own hometheater. My budget is limited to $1500 dollars, I want to buy a great receiver for movies and some casual music listening. Some features I would like to have are: 7.2 or higher channel setup, good 4K upscaling, Dolby Vision, balanced and detailed sound...
  20. H

    ProAc D18 and Hegel H100 upgrade.

    Hi All, i currently have a setup of ProAc d18s hooked into Hegel 100 integ amp w/t an external Hegel DAC. I mostly stream TIDAL in Jazz and Classics with occasional Rock music. I am very happy with my combo however i feel lack of of punch in the lower end especially for orchestral works and rock...