Amp advice for vintage Tannoy speaker


Jan 30, 2022
I recently acquired these vintage speakers from my grandparents. I think they were made custom but they look similar to the other vintage models I see online. They are 18 inch Tannoys. Does anyone have any advice on which amp to get for these?? Something not too expensive as I don’t have a very big budget but something that will work well with these specific speakers. Also preferably something I can order online. I really don’t know anything about this so any help is appreciated. They are from the 60”as far as I know.
I cant move them to show the back because they are extremely heavy and filled with sand. But there wasn’t anything written as far as I know.
Thanks again!


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Jun 12, 2013
I think these are 15 ohm and efficient, so just choose an amplifier that you like the look of that has the features you want and at least 30 watts per channel. Tone controls would probably be useful.


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Mar 26, 2021
I own a Yamaha wxa50 amp / streamer but have been on quest for a bang for buck amp for our bedroom so let me summarize. On budget there are:
- new dead cheap crappy amps (user reviews speaking about noisy fans or smoke coming from one) - don't buy them
- Good second hand amps. I once got a Denon and later on a Sony amp for a family member. All is ok. Point is that they are fairly large for 2022 and lack modern features. I would personally only go for something vintage if its a classic in design and sound but when you want to hook up a turn table it is probably the way to go.

For me, at the absolute bottom there is currently just one decent and useful modern amp.


The Arylic A50+
amp and streamer with an excellent app, sub out, multi inputs, wifi, bluetooth and tone controls. All in one tiny package. If I had to equip more rooms to play at normal or "normal loud" volumes, this would be my choice.

p. s. I wonder about these tannoys. Seems like you got a nice pair, enjoy :)
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